What we do

We engage ourselves in life and discover together

in English.

How it works


There is no exclusive - super - special, or secret sauce. Despite, what you might have heard before about methodologies, the recipe for literally remembering on how to speak is simple.
Stay immersed and engaged with it as much as humanly possible until it becomes instinct, or second nature.
Curiosity brought us all here, so we answer and ask using our real life conversation game on world topics.
Lose shyness. Gain confidence.
The same way you received when you were a child, but now with adult manner.

At Fluency On Life we

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Our 20h English immersion is based on being in touch with the language, conversing most of the week.
Instead of only spending 1 hour weekly, for years, you will be in contact with the language daily for 4-6 weeks, boosting intake and confidence dramatically while losing shyness.

After your 20h immersion, put your new abilities to the test and interact where it really matters.
Join our open weekend events - tours - excursions, in and around São Paulo, where you will be engaging with other users of English.
We give and receive together while having a tremendous time.

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Course details

  • Pre-intermediate English users and up.
  • Engage at work - home and on our weekend excursions.
  • Free introductory meeting. All your questions are answered.
  • Gain confidence in English, while saving up to 30% on private classes.
  • 3 to 5 hours per week, for 4-6 weeks.
    (20 hours immersion).
  • Weekend events. Connect with other users of English. Lose shyness.

Some of our topics

We concentrate on living and the world

in English.

We share together - answer and ask.

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Culture and Customs

Example question:
When people share their culture with others, do you think it makes the world a better place? In what way?


Example question:
Should the term “climate crisis” be used instead of “climate change”?


Example question:
Is there equal pay for men and women in your country?

Government and Politics

Example question:
Do we need more female world leaders?


Example question:
What is universal health care?

Love and Feelings

Example question:
How has the concept of love changed over the past few generations?

Travel and Leisure

Example question:
If you could travel for a year, where would you go and why?

Personality and Lifestyle

Example question:
What’s the bravest thing you’ve ever done?

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