English courses for Beginners

This ESL course is designed to assist Brazilian Portuguese speakers in developing essential English language skills.
Our focus is on listening, speaking, reading, and writing, with an emphasis on practical communication in everyday situations.
You'll acquire vocabulary, grammar, and cultural insights to become confident English speakers

Why Choose Our Course

Personalization: Get one-on-one private lessons with the same dedicated teacher.

Affordable Prices: Unbeatable prices at just $20 per hour (6 weeks) and $27 per hour (3 months).

Methodology - ESA Approach

Method: Our course adopts the effective ESA methodology for English beginners

Your Path in English: Whether it's for travel, business, or personal growth, our course provides a solid foundation to achieve it.

6 week course

6 Week Plan

Hours a week: 10-15

This intensive 6-week course is designed to teach English quickly and efficiently.
You'll learn essential English communication skills, from basic greetings to storytelling and cultural insights.
Ideal for those seeking accelerated learning.

Week 1-2

Intro and Basic Communication
Week 1:

Greetings, introductions, and common questions.

Week 2:

Family and Home.

Week 3-4

Everyday Situations
Week 3:

Shopping, food, and restaurant vocabulary.

Week 4:

Directions, transportation, and daily routines.

Week 5-6

Expanding Language Skills
Week 5:

Hobbies, activities, and making plans.

Week 6:

Past and future tenses, storytelling, and cultural insights.

Intensive 6 weeks

Pros and Cons


Quick and intensive learning.

Suitable for individuals with limited time.

Ideal for those aiming to acquire essential communication skills rapidly.


Limited depth in language proficiency.

May require more daily practice for retention.

Course Price

Upfront Payment

1X R$1,800,00 (Discount R$200,00)

Installment Plan

5X R$400,00 (Total: R$2,000,00)

Payment via PIX

Available for all payment options, including bank transfer.


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3 month course

3 Month Plan

Hours a week: 6-10

Our 3-month course is perfect for those looking for a more comprehensive learning experience.
Starting with the basics, you'll delve deeper into English, covering everyday situations, grammar, and culture.
A more gradual and thorough learning journey.

Month 1

Building the Foundation
Weeks 1-2:

Foundations of the English language, alphabet, and pronunciation.

Greetings, introductions, and common expressions.

Weeks 3-4:

Vocabulary related to family members and house descriptions.

Conversations about family and the house.

Month 2

Daily Life and Communication
Weeks 1-2:

Vocabulary for shopping, food, and restaurants.

Understanding menus and ordering at restaurants.

Weeks 3-4:

Learning to ask for and give directions.

Using public transportation.

Describing daily routines and schedules.

Month 3

Expansion of Language Proficiency
Weeks 1-2:

Hobbies, activities, and making plans.

Weeks 3-4:

Past and future tenses, narratives, and cultural insights.

Understanding and using past and future verb tenses.

Storytelling and narrating experiences.

Exploring cultural insights and cross-cultural conversations.

In-Depth 3-Month

Pros and Cons


Comprehensive and complete learning.

Covers a wide range of topics and situations.

Allows for a deeper understanding of the language and culture.


Requires a longer commitment.

May be too extensive for individuals with limited availability.

Course Price

Upfront Payment

1X R$1,800,00 (Discount R$200,00)

Installment Plan

5X R$400,00 (Total: R$2,000,00)

Payment via PIX

Available for all payment options, including bank transfer.


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How Classes Work

Service Areas

Classes are conducted individually, taking place at the student's residence, workplace, or at the library or at the University of São Paulo (USP).

Course Material

Our materials are created and regularly updated by experienced teachers with 20-30 years of expertise. You'll have a consistent and engaging format throughout the course, without mixed resources or dull textbooks.

6 week course

Conversation Classes

For those who have knowledge of English but wish to enhance and practice even more.

This is where we apply our discussion topics, covering 18 global categories. This provides an imaginative and dynamic experience, encouraging students to use and expand their vocabulary while offering an enriching learning experience. Whether it's Travel, Business, IT, or any other area, we have it or can create it. View the topics

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